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Should a Disk II interface card work in slot 7?


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New to Apple II Plus  and think I screwed up big time. I bought an Apple II Plus system at an estate sale and it has a u-Sci  (Microsci ?) drive as drive 1 and an Apple Disk II as drive 2. I couldn't get the u-Sci to boot any disk so I thought I would try swapping the ribbon cables on the Disk II interface card. It was easier for me to do this with the card out of the drive. (By the way I had the cases off of both drives to clean the heads and never put them back on while doing the tests.) I took the Disk II card out (of slot 6) and swapped the cables (actually now that I think about it I just put the Disk II cable in the Disk 1 connector and didn't reconnect the u-Sci). My own fault, I put the Disk II card in slot 7 instead of 6 without noticing what I did. I turned the computer on and POP & the magic smoke came out of an IC on the Disk II analog card, which I saw & smelled all too well because I had the case off of it. Chip ULN2003 - I think Darlington Array.


So, I can get a new ULN2003 but

1) is there a way to see what other things I blew on there (if any)

2) I guess I should mark slot #7 as "DO NOT USE"...? lol



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10 hours ago, potatohead said:

I believe the same.  Many people have popped a card with improperly fitted cables.


If the computer still works, chances are you can either repair your card, or just get another one.  


You can use Slot 7, same as 6.  

The computer still works. Which card are you referring to replacing? The one on the Disk II or the interface card itself? 

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