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Duplicate user account after posting from a different machine

Jiří Bernášek


I wonder, whether I did something incorrectly, or is there a bug, somewhere? What happened:


- I registered and got my registration approved

- Using a link from notification e-mail, I found myself somehow "already logged in" after the registration

- I submitted few bits of information into my new profile

- I posted two posts in two days (and got them approved)

- After getting replies on the forum on a weekend, I did log in from a different machine (workplace vs. home) using the same e-mail and password, and posted third reply (and got it approved)

- Now, I noticed that the third reply (posted from a different machine) doesn't have the history of my account - actually, it looks like I have *two* accounts now, one for each place I posted from:


The original account (used for this question, I believe) have 2 posts, birthday / status / gender / location info, and reputation 13



The other account (posted from home) have 1 post, no profile information, and reputation 3



Both the profiles share my name, login credentials (I believe), and exact joined time/date. Weird thing is, that the number of the initial account (seen in the URL) is higher, than the later one - as if all the older posting, which followed straight from the user registration, spawned a second account immediately, and only after my explicit login from another machine the forum returned to use the first, still empty account? Let me also note the fact, that my name have non-ASCII characters - perhaps it was a mistake to type my name in it's correct form (I thought that 2023 is UTF-8 safe, already...)


So, I would like to ask:

- How to proceed with usage of my account

- Whether it's possible to merge all my three posts into a single account


Thanks a lot for any attention to my question.


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