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M93C46 programing


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I have several Jaguar cartridge boards that I am "repopulating" and one of the components is a M93C46 chip (U3 in the attached photo). Does anyone know if this chip requires programing and does anyone have information (or code) for writing this chip? I also understand that this chip can be replaced with either a 93c66 or 93c86. What are the advantages of this swap?


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It's the EEPROM chip that is used for saving high scores and game progression. It doesn't need to be programmed beforehand, the game will initialize it if is empty.


The standard chip (93C46) can store 128 bytes, and is used by all commercial games and most homebrew games. Some homebrew games require a 93C66 (512 bytes) or 93C86 (2 kilobytes) chip instead. You have to use whichever chip the game is designed for ; a different one won't work (even if the capacity is larger).

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