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vro_cpyfm and colours

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I'm a bit confused (even after reading the docs) over how vro_cpyfm (and anything that uses MFDB's actually) works with colours. There doesn't appear to be anywhere in the MFDB to indicate which actual colour a pixel is when the format is the device-dependent one. I can see how the bits identify the "pen", but they don't know that (in MFDB A) pen #1 is 'red' and (in MFDB B) pen #1 is 'green'. 




  • Is the palette just whatever is on the screen at the time, so this doesn't really matter ?


  • What if the screen is 'true-colour' like one of the Falcon modes, or a TT video card ? Is the device-dependent form just 16/24/32-bit packed-data RGB per pixel ?


  • Do the bit operations (eg: S_XOR_D) work on the colour values, or the pen-ids (ie: what's in the video memory). I'm assuming it's the pen-id's, but since I'm asking questions :)


Ta :) 


[I really wish otter-correct would stop converting vro_... into bro_...]

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