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FS: A8-PicoCarts, kits or assembled


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I received the supplies I ordered to make one of Robin's (electrotrains) A8-PicoCarts. There were minimum orders involved, so I have more boards and supplies than I really need for mine, and I've sold three others, so I'll be glad to sell the remaining six for not much more than cost plus shipping if anyone is interested. If anyone is interested in buying the parts and building their own, I'll be glad to sell the parts. Otherwise, I'll be glad to assemble a complete caseless cart and you can use it that way or could provide your own case. I just ordered a case for mine through Craftcloud for $20.


The prices for the individual components are:
Pico Clone board $3
PCB $4
Switch $2
Whole thing $9 total, you assemble it yourself.


The price for an assembled cart is $15


Priority Shipping, small flat-rate box $11


So, $20 for everything you need to assemble your own, or $26 for an assembled, ready to use cart.


PM if you're interested in purchasing one or more.


For those unfamiliar with the project, it's just a cool little project and makes for a fairly cheap multi-cart. If you have or want an AVGCart, an UltimateCart, or a Side2 or Side3, this isn't going to replace one of those. It's just a cool little project designed by electrotrains, of UnoCart and UltimateCart fame, that I wanted to build for cheap and would give me a cheap extra cart to have beside my UltimateCart and my Side3. It consists of a PCB a Raspberry Pi Pico clone board and a momentary microswitch. If you want to learn more, you can check out the thread or look at the GitHub page.


For those familiar with the project, this is the original PCB as published, not the redesigned PCB that has the Pico clone upside down so that you can't plug it into USB at the same time that it's plugged into your Atari. Doing so would damage your Atari and void its warranty! Please keep this in mind when considering.






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OK, unless I miscounted, that's all of my supplies accounted for.


For those that asked for a kit, hopefully I'll be able to get those out this afternoon or tomorrow after work, depending on when I receive payment. For those that asked for an assembled cart, I should be able to get them soldered up, boxed, and ready to go this weekend, and shipped out after work on Monday or Tuesday.


Thanks to everyone!


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