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Here is a mock up of something I'm working on. It strangely looks like something from my child hood. It was something I played for hours, just wish you could have sone more even back then. I think I know enough from the Pacman Eat N Run to make something playable. Doubt I can do a Multisprite version because of all the colors unless there is a way (probably ASM). Currently can't kill anything etc. Just something I started on and was looking for feedback etc. 

20230921 - SeaQuential_DPC.bas.bin

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Making some progress. Then I run into issues lol. Does anyone have a simple program to shoot a missile. I tried to use RT's program and the missile get's stuck. Probably something I did wrong porting over as I have always struggled with the missile. The the next nice to have is how I have the Titlescreen colors like the top title. I tried it with the other two ones and still the same color.


Thoughts / suggestions? 

20230929 - SeaQuential_DPC.bas.bin 20230929 - SeaQuential_DPC.bas.asm 48x1_1_image.asm 48x1_2_image.asm 96x2_1_image.asm titlescreen_color.asm titlescreen_layout.asm

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You forgot to attach the basic source file. What issues are you having firing a missile? Basically you will want to set the missile x/y variables to match the sub's (maybe offset a little bit), then increment or decrement the variable a certain number of pixels each frame until it collides with something or reaches the edge of the screen.

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Karl G,


Thanks. I just noticed that. I have always struggled with the missile for some reason. Then I was trying to do a multi-color for the other two items in the Titlescreen. Thanks for looking at this for me as I continue to work on it and come up with some ideas. One is to use the "OpenWorld" to do a few other things or use the "Eat-n-Run" to have a few different screens that is still a WIP. 


For others who are still learning to program. Delete the below in the .bas to make the program to work. Something I learned over time when looking at other peoples code. The other option is to download the stuff above and put it into the same file as the .bas code. I also attached a PowerPoint I had to basically reteach myself on how to use the Titlescreen "scroller". I may play around with the others to see if I can make it easier as it took me a long time to understand what was going on here. 


   gosub titledrawscreen bank5
   if temp1=0 && bmp_48x1_2_index<190 then bmp_48x1_2_index=bmp_48x1_2_index+1
   if joy0fire || switchreset then goto __Start_Restart
   goto __Titlepage

20230929 - SeaQuential_DPC.bas Titlescreen Templates.pptx

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