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Lynx Greyscale Ramp


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Hi, something I've wondered for awhile: is the RGB video output level mostly linear scale?

- SNES was measured to have nearly 1:1 DAC output, but TV gamma ramp knocks down lower colours

- PCE was measured as somewhat non-linear, somewhat for bright maybe?

- SMD was measured as "lighter darks" and "darker brights", curve sorta pancakes at the ends

- PSX is skewed for brighter colours

- SMS has a blue push

- PSP I've heard is basically 1:1, which is why ports look flat compared to PSX
- CGB was measured to be brightly skewed at most ranges

- Don't have data about WSC or GG.


It can make a small but appreciable difference when you know the colors are off-balanced and have seen others' screenshots.

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