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Circus Interstellar: A Berzerk spiritual successor


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Amidst the depths of space, polka dotted peril awaits...


Game Description


In the distant future, mankind is at the brink of extinction. Set on a mission to find resources for their dying species, the voyagers encountered a strange, sadistic alien race with a clownish appearance. Will the survivors escape the gory circus? Or will they be assimilated like all the others?

Trapped in a spaceship with electric walls and vengeful alien clowns, the goal is simple: Get back to your cruiser at the docking bay and escape. But these gruesome bozos have some nasty tricks hidden up their sleeves and seem to know your every move. You must outwit and slay any clown that stands in your way, but you must make haste! For as you linger, you attract the attention of the ever-hungry Jugularnaut...

Lock and load, kill clowns, and run for your life!

Key Features

-Heart throbbing music by Dance With The Dead
-7 difficulties
-4 player local coop/cutup
-2 game modes (Escape mode, Survival/Deathmatch mode)
-6 bosses
-Electric walls
-E-Z-Walls (for those who find electric walls too hard or frustrating)
-50+ levels
-Hardcore mode (1 life)
-Freeplay mode

-Chock full of game modifiers to customize gameplay to your liking


Check out the trailer: Circus Interstellar - Lifes a circus trailer






We just released the final version of Circus Interstellar on both Steam and Itch.io!  iiRcade users can pick up the game through the Itch.io DRM free copy and upload it to their cabs using the Mystery Encoder USB enabler!

Right now we are in the process of putting together a custom MAME based cabinet to show the game at our booth for this years Portland Retro Gaming Expo, so if your interested and want to play it on an actual Circus Interstellar cab, head on over to the Ettinsoft booth and get to killing some bozos! 🤡


We plan on posting pictures of the Circus Interstellar cab when we finish it, we'll probably post that over in the Arcade and Pinball forum, so keep your eyes peeled! 👀


Steam link: Circus Interstellar on Steam

Itch.io link: Circus Interstellar on Itch.io

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