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Any way to save a comment as a draft? or copy/paste it somewhere else in a way that preserves the formatting.

Biff Burgertime


Sometimes I'll start writing a comment without realizing the time/energy I'll be sinking into it. Suddenly I find myself with a half-written, or poorly-edited mess in front of me but no time/energy to finish up.


Elsewhere, there's either a native "save post as draft" feature, or a way to convert the fancy editor format into code, like Reddit->Markdown, or phpBB->BBcode.


I'm not seeing a way to do that here. If I copy/paste into a rich text editor like LibreOffice Writer, it'll maintain some of the formatting & hyperlinks. But it also adds junk characters, improperly formatted text, extra line breaks, and some times the remaining paragraph will be blacked out (black text on black background).



Hopefully I'm just missing something obvious. Is there an easy way to save a partially-written post for later?

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