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Jaguar+, Yay or Nay?


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Hmm, That's a bit too steep of a price I think, maybe under 200 I'd be a buyer, I only paid $189 for the VCS 800 with joysticks and the speakerhat, so I'd be a buyer around that price. I already own 2 jaguars and a cd unit so it has to be a good value for me to purchase an emu mini jag. But I would love to have one. Thanks for the topic, I like it!

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A s.d slot would make a C.D drive redundant, and will be a safer way for developers to get new games out without worrying about piracy.


ATARI 50 and BigPEmu proved there's still much interest in the Jaguar.


If BigPEmu's scripting is used, then each game could have a preloaded 'HD remaster' patch.


Off topic, but I'm hoping that we see a 7800+, and a Lynx+ too.


All thoughts good, or bad, are welcome.



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6 hours ago, madman said:

Why not just use bigpemu and save the $200? Also they'd have to find a source for the proper Jag fumes, that's going to add some cost.

Yepp, find the smallest possible mini PC on which BPE runs quick enough. Hmm, you might end up with 200USD as well.

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6 hours ago, LordKraken said:

Problem with that idea is that Jaguar games are crazy expensive, contrary to many (most?) 2600 ones. So the product would make sense only for people with an existing Jaguar collection, which is probably what? 10 or 20 (50?) times less people than 2600 collectors.

This is the Jag forum, take your logical thinking elsewhere, sir!

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Obviously price point does matter and we Jaguar people are a limited group so my suggestion may have limited appeal but may pair quite well with @swlovinist suggestion.


Three modes for Jag:


Mode 0: hardware accurate to commercial jaguar. Plays all games the Jag can play.


Mode 1: hardware bugs fixed and 68k replaced with something that talks on the bus in 32-bit


Mode 2: Jaguar 2 specs.

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On 9/24/2023 at 7:24 AM, swlovinist said:

Would like to see one, but could benefit from also being able to play other Atari platforms.   Atari ST with options for keyboard and mouse inputs would be killer.  

It would be a great topic for a video and to see if average retro gamers would buy a Jaguar+ system.


The VCS800 can cover the micro computers.




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What about European fans, as ATARI are not going to release the VCS800 in that region - (there'll be enough demand in this region for a Jaguar+, especially the U.K).


I suppose we could wait to find out what Playmaji's second ATARI module soon though, so at least that might be an option for euro gamers.


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Jaguar developers need to stop selling themselves short.

Jumping At Shadows looks like it's running on modern architecture, and absolutely deserves a large audience. So many retro gamers have praised the visuals of this game (and we already know it'll be excellent, locked at 60 fps, as is the standard with Reboot).

Hammer Of The Gods and Wyvern Tales 2 are getting great feedback from casual gamers too.

The MK video from Tru Fun Games, Open Lara, and Xeno Crisis also got the attention of casual retro gamers.

There's demand for new Jaguar games, so a cheaper cart playing alternative makes sense, especially for regions such as Europe (where there'll be enough demand for a Jaguar+ system).


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