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Video game music question.


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Hey guys,


My question is:

Is it "legit" to download video game music? 

I would love to listen to the Super Metroid soundtrack (and among others) while I'm driving.  I'm not worried about getting in trouble. I just want to see if it's okay to do so.

I want to state that my intentions are not to start a flame war.



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Flame war over your paranoia?  Why?  Of course it's not legal.  And of course no one gives a damn, and Nintendo isn't going to care either legally speaking unless you decide to start packaging their music on CDs or as some download compilation, in both cases for payment on their property -- then they'll definitely care.


Just download some MP3s or SPC music and a player for it and be happy it exists.



Excellent example and yeah I'm ratting myself out (oooh) this CD due to ebay scumbags goes usually around or over $100: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL038BD94FECBBC71D which I refuse to pay those ass clowns for.  Nintendo doesn't sell this CD anymore and hasn't in 30 years.  If they did i'd pay them, but they don't, and I won't pay scum, so when I saw the link on youtube I used a tool to make MP3s of each track and stuff it on my phone for when I'm in the car.  The rest of what I have I do own, I buy CDs and rip them as MP3s, then use Copytrans Control Center to pop them on my phone so I don't have to use cancerous itunes.

Also if you want to track it down, the Play it Loud Vol 1 soundtrack from NOA has 4 Super Metroid tracks on it which are fantastic, probably also on youtube if you're curious.

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