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What is this? Dumper?

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It's actually a 24-pin socket, not 30-pin like the ColecoVision. Appears it's not for the ColecoVision after all despite having that label wrapped around it. I looked the part number up and found that connector on digikey. Anybody else have any other ideas? I'm at a total loss.


I checked so many different cartridges that I have and nothing fits it correctly.

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17 hours ago, vintagegamecrazy said:

After messaging some other friends, it turns out that it's an RS232 expansion for the Commodore 64. It fits perfectly but what it does after that is a mystery. 


Could a mod or admin move this to the Commodore section? Maybe more traction over there.

Like the Adam, the c64 does not have a true RS232 25 pin port.  This cart would simply provide that hardware connection

but again the adapter does not do anything except that.  You still need software


A side note.  I have a c64 WiFi modem in a colecovision game cart also because it fits

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