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Wanted: Turbo Duo repair service. My unit has lots of problems.


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I have a US Duo system that is very broken. If anyone if really good at repairing/modding these then let me know as I'm looking to possibly get this fixed early next month.


Once upon a year I tried recapping my unit and some of the pads lifted. I don't think any broke if memory serves me right but I could be wrong. I would need those fixed and I need my old region mod repaired or preferably upgraded to the new switchless version. If anyone remembers OSG, they did it about 15 years or so ago now and several wires have fallen off of the pins and I can't find schematics to redo it so I want to turn it over to someone much more experienced than myself.


If you can help me out then message me and I can pay whatever fair cost is determined.



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Maybe try shooting Bratwurst a message. As for lifted pads, not a whole lot can be done about that. You'd just have to run a bodge to the nearest component or via in the line. It's not the end of the world and to be expected to a degree after a capacitor has pulled on the board.

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Chris Brown out of Indiana is a good option. He repaired my PC Engine Duo with new caps and installed an S-Video mod because there was something fatally wrong with my system that wouldn't let the RGB mod that was installed previously be a different party function properly. Feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll get you Chris' email. 

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