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Is the source code to Family Feud or Jeopardy available?


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The graphics and sound chip are the same while the CPU is not.

Also an unexpanded TI. I believe, uses the 16k graphics memory for everything.

There is the TI thread and much more experience people here on AA that know every inch of that system.  I would start with Tursi. https://forums.atariage.com/profile/12959-tursi/


But, at some point I can disassemble both of those games.
I know people appreciate my work, as they do all free stuff, but it takes a lot of time.
Subroc took a new way of thinking because it too is an ADAM game.

I am used to working with the Colecovision where memory starts at $7000 while ADAM can be anywhere between $0000 to $FFFF or expanded memory if used.

When ADAM loads something into memory you also have to track from where it is loading to where it is going.  While Cartridges are strait $8000.

It's a bit more complicated but it takes more time and effort.

If you wanted that on the TI then I would suspect that you are talking disk drives and other crap well above my pay grade.

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3 hours ago, Captain Cozmos said:

If you wanted that on the TI then I would suspect that you are talking disk drives and other crap well above my pay grade.


Most of the folks using a TI are upgraded to the MAX. One fellow has been writing XB code for the unexpanded console, to see how well he can do with all the constraints of the day.


I was actually thinking the heart of the program was the database of questions and answers. I might be able to write in TI's Extended basic (for which there is a compiler) a front end that would do that display and read in the database.

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If the source code was there...


It would be pretty easy to lift sound lists, and graphics - if in TMS9918's graphics mode I.


It would be the perfect thing to port as bitmap mode, speed and interrupts would probably not be needed.


Probably someone through it in a dumpster somewhere at one time or another.

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