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Controller only works after 1-2 Minutes


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Possibly a power switch issue. It's not a standard power switch, it switches two separate power lines /after/ the transformer and sometimes one of them has a bad contact initially, which usually shows up as a monitor not switching on for a few minutes or more.


Try leaving the Vectrex unit switched on and then power it off at the wall socket for a few hours or overnight.

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I think D-Type is onto something here. Do you have a multimeter and the guts to take the back off of your system? If so, turn your system on with the back off and check three terminals on the bottom of the vertical board in the case. It will have three wires coming from the front of the unit along the side, two reds and a white. You're looking for 18VDC between the two red wires and 9VDC between each red wire and the middle white wire. Give that a shot at initial startup and then after letting the system 'warm up' and give us the numbers. A cheap $5 multimeter from Harbor Freight will work for this purpose. Just make sure that it is set to VDC, DC VOLTS, or whatever knob setting has a solid horizontal line with a dashed line above it.


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Sorry, had not much time the last days.

I read about not using the switch to turn it on, its switched on since i got it and i use an extension cord with a switch to power it on and off.

Switched it on a minute ago and will let it run for a few hours.

But i think i have to open it, i worked on some atari and nintendo consoles so i hope i can repair it.


I should have time at sunday to look inside.

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I actually bought a lamp cord with an integrated inline switch to use to power my Vectrex on and off. Just a matter of desoldering the two leads from the fuse PCB and replacing them with the new ones. Don't know if polarity matters but I observed it and can always revert back to stock.

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