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Need help fixing the sprite palettes in this hack I did.


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Hey everyone. A while ago I made a hack of Pac-Man Collection for the No-Context Pac-Man Discord based on another joke hack for the arcade version of Pac-Man someone did on said Discord that replaces everything with Clyde. Everything turned out great (I was even able to give Sue the "sexy eyes" in the Ms. Pac-Man based modes) except for one thing: the color palettes of the bonus fruit and the cutscenes. As you can see from the images below, their palettes are a bit messed up. So, seeing as I have little experience in romhacking and don't have any idea how to change a 7800 sprite's palette, can one of you guys help me out and fix any and all of the broken palettes for me? Thanks in advance.

Clyde Collection-231005-135231.png

Clyde Collection-231005-135530.png

Clyde Collection-231005-135958.png

Clyde Collection.a78

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