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2021 Harmony Encore - black screen on TWO DIFFERENT 2600 Jr units - need replacement.


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I just took delivery of my replacement 2600 Jr, a long rainbow one I was going to use for her internal circuitry to swap to my mint short rainbow as it would not pull up a video signal with my RF-to-HDMI converter, so I tried this one and, same thing, no video signal.


Then, I noticed this unit was also packed along with an RCA-to coax adapter,and so I decided to try both units directly onto my Insignia TV, and BOTH picked up a video signal, but it was a black screen on my only cart I carry, a Harmony Encore multicart with a microSD card in it, and so I am now stuck with two working 2600 Jr's and no games because I cannot get my Harmony Encore to work.


UPDATE: I even tried her on my VCS adapter on my 5200 (hooked up directly to my Insignia TV this time as opposed to my RF-to-HDMI converter) and still, black screen, yet my 5200 plays perfectly otherwise (I use an Atarimax for all my 5200 games)


So we have established both


a) the 2600 Jr.'s signal (and also the VCS adapter on my 5200) is way too weak to be detected by my RF-to-HDMI converter 




b) my Harmony Encore is shot to shit, even when either my 5200/VCS adapter combo or either 2600 Jr. is hooked up directly to my TV herself.


I need to PM @batari as to the availability of a new Harmony Encore multicart, and this time I would like to get one with a standard normal (large) SD card slot in it as opposed to the microSD one that was accidentally sent by mistake years ago. I can pay via PayPal although I will have to go through my Venmo account in which is attached to it as I am -$250.00 in my PayPal account, so please have him send me an invoice and I will send him my payment tonight or tomorrow morning as my new paycheck drops later tonight in about an hour or two but I was really looking forward to playing those ARM-based games tonight and now I am deeply disappointed that I once again cannot do that, and I also need it shipped Priority Mail I will not wait for UPS this time around!!!


My PayPal address is thebighmw@hotmail.com


My Venmo address is @bighmw                                                     

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I'm more than glad to report albeit 3 weeks later that after PRGE ended @batari Fred and I managed to work out a straight exchange and as of last week I have a fully-working Harmony Encore and have been enjoying my full lineup of 2600 titles including all of my ARM-based titles from John Champeau's @johnnywc Champ Games and also the genius ruby*Q from @Silvio Mogno ever since and I have to simply say "THANKS!!!"


...and now to get rid of my 2 Flashback 9's I had to use instead...

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