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Madballs 2600 (Keystone Kapers Hack)


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I don't know these ball-shaped characters very much, I first saw them on a TV show from a famous pawn shop. I thought it would be interesting to bring them into an Atari game. You embody Oculus Orbus who hunts Horn Head, but it will not be an easy task, Horn Head has allies who will try to stop him.

Captura de tela em 2023-10-11 00-38-43.png

Captura de tela em 2023-10-11 01-03-01.png




Captura de tela em 2023-10-11 01-28-21.png

Captura de tela em 2023-10-11 01-28-49.png

Madballs 2600_NTSC.bin Madballs 2600_PAL.bin

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3 hours ago, Bomberman94 said:

Looks interesting - very nice variation but sadly both have color flicker (PAL version). 

I believe that some hacks, due to being modified too much, alter the scan lines and consequently end up influencing when it is run on real consoles, especially consoles that still maintain their originality, the transmission of image and sound via RF, for example. Consoles modified by composite video can overcome these small bugs that some hacks carry.


Pirates Never End and Madballs 2600, which was created based on the Hey! Stop!, these are hacks with extremely altered code.
It's very easy to break a game by changing just one code.
I can then make a clean version of Pirates Never End so that it runs smoothly on RF PAL consoles, but I must warn you that some peculiarities will be lost, the sound will be hacked mainly.

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