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AI envisions women of the 80s using C64


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If you watch some of the AI movies and look closely at what you get for an image from a prompt, the "smarter" AIs seem to be dreaming.  Not thinking consciously, but "thinking" in the way our dreams work: as we focus on an object or sequence, it becomes more defined with with better fidelity, but other objects begin to morph or mutate, then once those become noticeable and focus changes, the primary object or scene begins to morph.  This is how you can be brushing your cat in your living room one second, then be playing against the Gambler on a riverboat the next.


These "smart" AIs bother and fascinate me at the same time.  The less intelligent AIs take source images or video sequences and conform them to your prompt as best it can from what it "knows" or understands about your request.  "A picture of a tall, red-headed women wearing a summer dress, standing on a foot bridge looking at the viewer, in the style of Freida Kahlo" requires certain prestaged input, as well as some assumptions, on the part of the AI.


If this were requested as a video sequence, of a smarter AI, it may build the bridge before placing and building the woman, but then while focusing on the woman the bridge will likely morph into something else, perhaps disappear overrun with the creek assumed to be beneath it.


I will be worried when the AI comes up with something perfect without resorting to the explicit use of existing images being wedged into the scene.  Headache rambling, the point being, AI is not quite scary enough, yet, but it is coming.

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