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Prototyping board for cartridges?


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11 hours ago, Kchula-Rrit said:

Does a prototyping board for the cartridge port exist?  I wanted to try making my own cartridge, so I ordered a 36-pin edge connector.  Turns out I had forgotten how recessed the cartridge port is.


I took a Radio Shack plated proto board and cut it to match the footprint of a ti cartridge, then add an edge connector, for my super cart project years ago.

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Thanks for the responses.  The Better Half reminded me of the Navarone "Widget" that I had used last night to illustrate me dilemma.  My edge connector plugs into it quite nicely, since the "Widget"'s connectors are out in the open.

My first thought was to cut it up, but Better suggested cleaning the contacts and trying it out.  It would be just my luck to cut the thing up and than find out it is a "collector's item."


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