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In addition to Dino Rage Tournament I have a couple of other projects in the works for ATARI VCS. This is one of them. There will be a free demo you can download in the VCS store in the next couple of weeks



"In a distant corner of the cosmos, on a small, mysterious planet known as Glintarix, there lived an extraordinary little alien named Zorp. Zorp was not like the other inhabitants of his planet; he was a dreamer, an adventurer at heart.

For eons, Glintarix had remained hidden in the galactic expanse, shielded by a mystical force field. Its residents knew little about the vast universe beyond their boundaries. But Zorp was different. His curiosity, as boundless as the cosmos itself, led him to uncover ancient texts and star maps, revealing the existence of the 'Zorp Worlds'—a collection of distant alien realms teeming with enigmatic beauty and perilous challenges.

Now, with a spaceship forged from Glintarix's precious cosmic crystals, Zorp embarks on an epic journey across the Zorp Worlds. His mission: to discover, explore, and unlock the secrets of these mesmerizing celestial realms, while facing cosmic foes and navigating treacherous landscapes.

Join Zorp as he takes his first step into the great unknown, unraveling the cosmic mysteries that await among the Zorp Worlds."



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