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Best RMT-like C64 / SID Music Trackers


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I posted this in the Atari 8-bit section, but figured I do same here as I know there are a few C64 users that may have familiarity with RMT.


As C64 / SID admirer, I figure it's time I tried my hand at making some SID tunes.  I don't own a C64, never have, so I'm super green.  I'm wondering if there's a similar tracker to RMT that exists for the C64 that is a) standalone (I don't need a C64 to run it, I want something that runs on a Windows machine) and b) allows me the flexibility to edit parameters to create new sounds.


I'm hoping to be able to play them back on a C64 emulator (don't know the best ones there either) - any pointers would be appreciated.  I briefly looked at GoatTracker, but there are so many options, I figure it's best to go on a recommendation.


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Just now, carlsson said:

I was about to suggest GoatTracker which both is relatively easy to get into, and has a lot of flexibility for serious musicians. When it comes to programs running in Windows, I'm not sure there are any alternatives though I haven't checked for a few years.

Awesome that helps.  I did download it and I can generally understand it, I just need to learn how to use the tables (wave / filter, etc).  Seems pretty straightforward but I'll have at it - best way to learn!

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1 hour ago, carlsson said:

I think there are some cheat sheets and rather comprehensive docs, possibly 3rd party.

I've found some videos, but where might I find some documentation?  I didn't see it on the SourceForge dl site, although it may have been there (I wasn't really looking hard).

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14 hours ago, carlsson said:

There is a command reference here, very dense:



I found some 3rd party documentation here: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=81146


I thought there were even more docs, but like you I can't find much more.

Excellent - thank you!


The tables are a little more complex than I realized, but I can map how I would do something similar in RMT to it.  Might be slow go to start, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

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