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Star Fighter for the Atari Jaguar, with download!


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I created a simple game for the Atari Jaguar that I would like to share (file attached to this thread). It is called Star Fighter and it is a simple Asteroids clone. I consider the game to be a fun diversion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Mind you it is still rough around the edges but it is playable. Any and all feedback is appreciated as I am still polishing the game and your feedback may very well influence the changes I make. Lastly, this game, albeit simple, would not have been possible without the wonderful help I received in the programming threads here on AtariAge as well as the wonderful graphical and music assets created by Ansimuz. Enjoy!

I have tested this game on Virtual Jaguar and on the Atari Jaguar by means of a Skunk board.

If you are a Jaguar developer and are interested in lending a hand let me know, as I am in need of some assistance with more advanced Jaguar programming subject matter!







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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Star Fighter on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch! Hope you can join us in the chat!





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