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Activision Audio, Pitfall 2

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As far as I read in the past, the Atari 2600 version of Pitfall 2 had an extra chip.
I do not know if that is rumor or true but as far as the Colecovision....


Has anyone de scrambled the Audo from the game like other Coleco games have.
I have the Coleco sound player like many of this and can play the clips which if I remember are Coleco only.

Has anyone come up with a player for the others like Activision, Atari, Parker Brothers?

I'm studying some of that now and needed someones insight on the matter.

O3 Cozmos

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Here it is....What you all have been waiting for over the last 60 years.


Maybe back in the day, which was a Tuesday I'm sure, this was cool and innovative.  But now, especially after listening to it for over 8 hours, it's most irritating.  I might put this in The ADAM Music Demo 2...Activision hits if I make such a thing.


I feel like Daryl after listening to Easy Street for a weekend.  I was about to scream "I am Negan" at one point.


I ripped the data from Pitfall 2, Coleco Version.  I figured out the sound generator and rewrote it to produce this repetitive tune that will eventually drive you bonkers if you listen to it for too long.


Here it is, 4 bytes under 2k.  Just put it in your favorite emulator and see how long you can take it.


O3 Cozmos




Pitfall 2 Irritating Music.rom

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I could not leave well enough alone so I made this version as well.

It's the same thing if you plan to grab it.  Just this one has tighter code at 1,295 bytes compared to v1 which was 2,044.

After I am completely done with the refining I will release the source so you can learn from it.

If All activision games have the same base formula then I will attempt to gather the rest of the Coleco Activision Titles and make a Jukebox.

Quite frankly, I would like to see how many main titles I can place inside a single rom.
I don't mean all of the sound effects but the main tunes, maybe pause and ending music.

This is the main reason why I am trying to get it as clean as possible.  I was shooting for 1k or less but data takes up space.

This rom is the main title of Pitfall 2, there were all the other tunes and sound effects for the game but you get the picture.


O3 Cozmos

Pitfall 2 Irritating Music v2.rom

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I've been going over the tune and I found that it is missing a background percussion.
You know what a good nights sleep brings, clarity despite listening to this over and over and over.

So, before I release the source, I need to correct this oversight.  I'm sure you won't mind.

But, before that, time to go mow the lawn or the wife will beat me down like an orphan with no options.

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Isn't tinkering FUN? I'm greatly enjoying your thought processess as you release these sundry exercises of a Colecovision Pro tinkerer... all the source code, the little hacks, the disassemblies, etc. These are all appreciated and I'm a fan.


Never thought the day would come when we could bask in the glory of the Pitfall II standalone muzak.

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