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SwordQuest FireWorld Jr


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Swordquest Fireworld is a very buggy game (and the PAL version even more so, if you can believe that).  Plus it is ridiculously difficult. I'm assuming that was in order to limit the number of contest entrants.  I'm surprised anyone was ever able go get even one clue, let alone all of them without some kind of hints list.


Anyway, I think I was able to get it to a point where it can be completed in one short session.  It's not quite as internally independent as I would have liked, the main issue being that there is no way to know what room you are in unless you memorize either the path to get there or the color scheme of the room itself.


I made it so that the item you need to bring into the first five rooms is the item that makes that challenge easier.  Unfortunately this doesn't apply to the second set of five rooms.  You're going to have to remember that item and go and get it back to use it again.


Apart from those issues, I think it's a serviceable game.  If not exactly fun, at least it is playable and beat-able.






As you can see, the game is all "FOOD and DAGGER" related.  I really wanted to incorporate that element.




The first clue is important if you want to play the game from beginning to end (though not necessary, the clues can be obtained in any order).


Swordquest Fireworld Jr (v2).bin


Swordquest Fireworld Jr (PAL)(v2).bin





Just a quick edit: these weren't quite 'jr' enough for me, so I shortened the challenges, made it so you didn't really have to be carrying any objects, and made the last 2 clues easier to deal with.

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updated the game to make it more playable
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