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A picture + audio problem with FZ-1


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I got this faulty 3DO FZ-1 that didn't turn on. I recapped the whole system and now it boots up.
It reads the discs and the games boot up and are playable. 
There is just two problems. Somehow the picture looks really bluish and there is scanlines in the picture. 
Also some of the sounds get distorted and crackling. CD-audio sounds fine.
Example SF2 when you go to the character mode the sounds are distorted, but music is ok. But after you play the game awhile and get back to the character selection that crackling is gone.

With killing time you hear a lot of crackling and distorted sound. Must be the wind sound at the beginning?
What could be the problem? Any ideas?

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57 minutes ago, Taijigamer said:

Any pictures of the motherboard? Any corrosion noticed when recapping? We’re all electrolytic caps replaced?

I changed all the electrolytics. Corrosions were low. 
I did the recapping on stream, so you can see how the board looks: 


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