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First project using Jagstudio : Where is it ?

Eric M

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Here is a little demo of Whereisit? a game I've created on colecovision and ported to msx and recently on mastersytem. (this demo was totally rewritten)
It's my first project on Jag' using JagStudio. Thanks guys for your great devlib


The Game
You have to search a 3x3 patterns in a bigger area in a given time
There are 10 rounds by stage(represented by a little flag)
At the end of the 10th round, you arrive in a bonus stage (you don't loose any life and you can't press PAUSE) 


directions : Up, Down, Left and Right
A : quit menu and enter th game
B : Start Game / action > when you had found the correct pattern, press K
PAUSE : to pause game, press again to continue (10 PAUSE by round)



There's a lot of work to be done and, the more I play with, the more I want to add some options ;)

What's more, the graphics aren't definitive.


Don't hesitate to test it out and let me know if you find any bugs.
known issues : sometime the cursor is not placed at his correct coords



see you


Eric 'Ricco59' M.


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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Where Is It? on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch! Hope you can join us in the chat!




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Thanks for the test of "Where is it?"
As you could see the timer and movements are very slow.
On an emulator it's perfect!
During a French convention, RGC2023, I was able to try it on a real jaguar with my skunkboard and I saw this slowness. Thanks to Fadest for his help ;)
Programming on Jaguar is totally different, it's another way of doing things.
In our case, I'm displaying 14x13 sprites, with several parameters tested in real time for each sprite. That's what slows the game down!

I'm currently working on another display mode that also works (on an emulator). For the moment I can't test on jaguar because the usb plug on my skunkboard has come loose (it had already been repaired!).
I also hope that the speed of the emulator "virtual jaguar" will be corrected :)

I'll keep you posted on the AtariAge forum

See you soon

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Hello Fans :)

Here's a little update for Where is it?

As I no longer have a skunkboard (a friend of mine is trying to repair it), I'd just like to know if you could test this version on a real console to see if the movements are fluid or if it's always one frame out of 2.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, I need it ;)



ps :
during the menu
press 1: for the easy level (nb round = 10) orchard
press 2: normal level (nb round = 15) forest
press 3: the difficult level (nb round = 20) instects

during the game, press 0 to return to the 'menu'.
and always 'pause' to stop and resume the game


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