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Intellivision Day 2023 Signup is Live!

First Spear

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  • 2 weeks later...

Submitted an entry, but the list did not update. I did get a confirmation email though. Actually I think I submitted it twice for the same game, my bad.


A few typos spotted on the list, in case there is still a chance to get to them:

- Christmas Carol and Laser Sharks listed twice

- Goofinuff should read Gooninuff

- Antartic should read Antarctic

- Pyramid Wars should read Pyramid Warp

- Centipede .json

Thanks for the initiative! A fun community tradition for sure.

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Oh dear!  I must have fallen into the Twilight Zone -- I could have sworn I signed up to play three or four games, but I do not see myself in the list!!!


I also do not recall which games I was going to play, so ... nothing to it!  I'll just play a random selection of my favourites and post some pictures.


On to play ... I'll be back later ...



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I'll post some pictures later, but here is the roster so far:

  • Star Strike - played
  • Auto Racing (both controller schemes) - played and played
  • B-17 Bomber - played, played, played
  • Bomb Squad - played
  • Super Pro King Of The Mountain - played (sort of)
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Sea Venture
  • Christmas Carol
  • ...
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