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VECTREX Reflashable Flash Cartridge


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After my recent success in creating a Reflashable cartridge for Amstrad GX4000 and Plus systems, I am excited to introduce my latest project—the VECTREX Reflashable Flash Cartridge.


This innovative cartridge offers several advantages:


  • Cost Reduction: Drastically cuts down on cartridge manufacturing expenses for end users.
  • Development Speed: Facilitates rapid and efficient reprogramming, accelerating development and testing processes.
  • Elimination of EPROM Costs: Removes the need to purchase new or old stock EPROMs for each reprogramming cycle, saving on expenses.
  • Empowerment for Developers: Enables homebrew developers to seamlessly test and iterate their software.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Enhances the user experience by eliminating the hassle of dealing with EPROM removal and replacement.
  • Creative Exploration: Provides a platform for creative exploration, allowing homebrew developers to bring their visions to life more quickly.

Using the cartridge is simple—just connect it to an EPROM programmer via the flash adapter, select the flash device type, and upload your BIN to the cartridge.


While a few links need installation for programming, this also offers users the flexibility to choose between 32K or 64K modes, full honesty I have not been able to test the 32K or 64K modes yet but as the schematic is based on Brett Walach's original design it should be ok.

Another version on its way that will bring down the cost further.


This design is great for Homebrew Developers who want to create their own Hardware versions.


With a bit more testing, it will be ready for release very soon.



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Thank you, Overange, for informing us about your project. It took me a short while to realize that this is not another multi-cartridge for many flashing and playing many games but a cartridge for developers to distribute a single game. Not sure whether cartridges like yours are available easily or not - but it' definitely a good thing to have several sources for hardware in case one source dries out. Thank you for your effort and good luck in finalizing your flash cartridge.

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At least at one time, this is the kind of PCB that Packrat's games were/are distributed on. I bought some a very long time ago to program my favorite games to dedicated cartridges. I like the design but one thing that I've noticed is that a lot of developers/programmers tend to use their own design or have their own PCBs made. Not to deter you though. Its good to have options. 

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Are you planning to sell made-up boards (and the programming adaptor) or is this the sort of project where you release the Gerbers and people get them made and assembled by services like JLPCB etc? (and people build their own adaptors)  I ask because I'm pretty sure I'm not up to assembling surface mount components.  I think I maxed out at soldering 0.1in DIL packages. But if you're planning to sell completed boards I'm potentially interested.  Do you know yet how much you'll be able to sell them for?


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