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Vectrex Minestorm II $4,000???

Blazing Lazers

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A prominent eBay store has had a Minestorm II cart listed for a few weeks now at what I thought was an outrageous price of almost $5 Grand. I just got an email alert from eBay saying that it had sold for $4,050. I have difficulty believing that to be a real sale, even with the speculation and currency devaluation in recent years. Sure, it was the only one to come up for sale in a good while, but that price just screams "foolish buyer" or money shenanigans. 


Here's the listing, for reference and Asset Tracking purposes:



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1 hour ago, Albert said:

Money laundering?



Money laundering honestly makes more sense than somebody shelling out that kind of cash for Minestorm II. It also explains a lot of the price spikes across the whole hobby in recent years. I actually now hope that it wasn't a legit sale, because if it is I'm now priced out of owning a real Minestorm II cart. It's one of the last few Vectrex items that I don't yet have. There's also guaranteed to be somebody offering repros now if there wasn't already. 

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Assuming the sale was actually a real sale.

Bravo seller for knowing what you have sold.

Bravo rabid buyer for getting the cart while you could. 


I would not have paid that price.

But I have also paid rabid prices (at the time sold) for some Vectrex items.


I can also remember a time when people were amazed at a Mine Storm II cart selling for $200.00. In another 20 years will the sale price of this era's Mine Storm II cart sale be looked at wistfully? Only time will tell.

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