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Formal Introduction for 8-Bit Widgets website and the future, future, future..

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Hi everyone, I'm Caleb and last November I sold my first controller couplers to folks here.  Eventually I opened up listings on eBay, Reverb (for synth rack ears) and Etsy.  It's always best to reach me here though as I always pass on the savings of not going through online retailers to the customer especially if you order multiple items. 


The initial couplers I made were for the Intellivision to allow games like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Tron Deadly Discs, some of my favorite childhood games to play so much better being able to run / shoot without interruption..  not long after that someone from this site mentioned there were games for the 2600 could use dual joysticks and others as well so I expanded.  Over time I made a couplers and accessories for the Intellivision, 2600, 5200, 7800, NES, SMS, Colecovision, Odyssey 2 and even the Wii (I know, not 8-bit :) ) so for a while I was just making them as me.. and it's still just me but I decided to give this unexpected venture / hobby a proper name, so here you have it.   


8-Bit Widgets




www.8bitwidgets.com is a website i've been working on since August.  The partners and friends sections are just a few of the great folks I've been fortunate enough to make things for.



Intellivision Coupler (Flashback Edition) and Flashback Adapter Cables


The site meant to be informational and entertaining.  For some computers with slower GPU it looks flat, but for devices with good graphics cards you will see some CRT effects.  I do a FPS test at the start of the site to detect this.  This usually works well but if you every find its moving slow, my FPS check must have messed up.  You can make the window smaller if refreshing doesn't fix it. 


I came up with a lot of couplers for the 2600 in particular due to the variety of official controllers for it.  Some were made without a game for it, but with the hope that maybe homebrew developers might find a way to make a new game that leverages the unique possibilities of a particular coupler.  "If you make it, they will code.."  it's worked with the Odyssey 2.  Robot Ron was created with the Odyssey 2 Coupler in mind which was really exciting to see come to life.  I'm hoping other couplers might do the same for other developers looking for ways to push the gameplay possibilities of their preferred system or systems.  


Also the mobile version looks different in some ways than the desktop due to "contact" not working the way i would like it too on mobile browsers and making "Space Mantis" easier to play on a touch screen vs. a computer/keyboard setup.  The website is "done" but I usually come up with something tinker with / enhance.  User feedback is always welcome and helpful because sometimes folks see something or experience an issue that I don't.  


This venture has been fun and funny enough I hope that I'll run out of gizmos to make (I have several coming in the next few months) for our beloved consoles and get back to melting my brain learning how to program games.  I am hoping to make ports of "Space Mantis" to the 2600 and Intellivision first depending on how quickly I can understand batari basic and intybasic respectively.  

So thank you everyone for being awesome.  I try to make these products work well and reliably.  I'm just me and I can and do make mistakes, but on those (thankfully) rare cases, you've let me make things right and help me make improvements to the items. 


NOTE: Anyone who's bought one of the earlier models (for example the early robotron style coupler) and would like the new / improved models, please feel free to PM me and I can offer you significant discount on the newer versions.  


I am always open to collaborating with developers who have ideas for games that could take advantage of some controller accessories or if you're looking for enclosures for cartridges, or media holders for cartridges or CDs..  I can make things custom pretty easily and I try to keep pricing reasonable.  Don't let "custom" scare you either.  Let's talk first then you can decide if I would be a good fit for your next project.  


I am going to be posted this under each of the platforms I support so I apologize for the cross posting, but I wanted to make sure I (re)introduce myself to each respective console community. 




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7 minutes ago, Crash7 said:

with D-pad on the right and fire/jump buttons on the left.



lol, but yea my philosophy/approach has been to make use of existing controllers to do new things.  there are brilliant custom controller makers out there who make "from the ground up" controllers and they tend to be also much more expensive. 


- Caleb 


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20 hours ago, wolfy62 said:

8 -bit widgets makes great stuff, just think of something you need.

It can't hurt to ask!😊



I have a few of those myself, and they are really cool -- plus, like @wolfy62's picture, they look very nice next to my collection. :)



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52 minutes ago, Sinjinhawke said:

for my Intellivision music CD's.

I make them to to your specifications.  A few color options as well depending on what you would like.  For the guys I made Purple and Red versions.  Both had 12 CD slots each.   However I could change the number of slots you need if your collection count is different.  

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