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DISCARDED: ATR8000, 4 1050's, 3 Indus GT's

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All items tested, working, and include original power supply.  All prices in USD, payable via PayPal.  Buyer pays actual shipping from US zip code 07666.

Bulk Sale Discount Price: $1000.00



ATR8000 $450.00

ATR8000_1.jpg ATR8000_2.jpg ATR8000_3.jpg ATR8000_4.jpgATR8000_5.jpg



1050_A (Almost No Yellowing, Nearly Perfect Chrome) $100.00

1050_A_1.jpg 1050_A_2.jpg 1050_A_3.jpg



1050_B (Moderate Yellowing, Abrasions on Chrome) $80.00

1050_B_1.jpg 1050_B_2.jpg 1050_B_3.jpg



1050_C (Moderate Yellowing, Abrasions on Chrome) $80.00

1050_C_1.jpg 1050_C_2.jpg 1050_C_3.jpg



1050_D (Slight Yellowing, Crimped Chrome) $80.00

1050_D_1.jpg 1050_D_2.jpg 1050_D_3.jpg



RANA_A (Defective Faceplate, Case Lightly Scratched) $120

INDUS_A_1.jpg INDUS_A_2.jpg INDUS_A_3.jpg INDUS_A_4.jpg



RANA_B (No Faceplate, Case Moderately Scratched) $100

INDUS_B_1.jpg INDUS_B_2.jpg INDUS_B_3.jpg INDUS_B_4.jpg



RANA_C (No Faceplate, Case Moderately Scratched) $100

INDUS_C_1.jpg INDUS_C_2.jpg INDUS_C_3.jpg INDUS_C_4.jpg

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15 hours ago, pixelmischief said:

I did.  We don't get irregular trash haul until Sunday, so they are technically still on the property.  But yes, they are in construction bags waiting to be hauled.

Do you need to get rid of these so quickly?  These items are not in high demand so you need to wait for the right buyer to see your ad.


The ATR8000 should be saved if possible - if you are going to throw it away Id be happy to make it worth your while to ship it to me.  I dont have any interest in using it but Im sure at some point the right buyer would be ready to take it and make use of it.  Just my $0.02


The 1050's I think are a harder sell since many are moving to other storage means like AVG, SDRIVE, etc...

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2 minutes ago, Goochman said:

Do you need to get rid of these so quickly?  These items are not in high demand so you need to wait for the right buyer to see your ad.

My only focus is on finishing my downsizing effort.  That said, I won't invest the time, effort, and material required to properly ship the stuff unless the receiving party values it enough to pay a reasonable price for it.  I'm not going to play the "wait the seller out" game.  If THIS community isn't interested enough to see the post and engage, then I don't have much hope that ANY community will be so interested.  Either way, I can't store the devices any longer.

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2 hours ago, Iguana Bob said:

So it's either eBay extortion prices, or bin them.

I can see from your 28 posts - most of which were made in other threads, also complaining about "eBay extortion" - that you have a deep commitment to this community and platform.  What prices do YOU think are more appropriate for the items?  Let me ask it another way.  How much do YOU think my time, effort, and material are worth?  Please, feel free to presume you have that kind of authority.

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I didn't reply to your post as it would cost an arm an a leg to ship the stuff to the other side of the Atlantic (and I have enough 1050s and Indus GTs) but it's really painful to know that all that stuff, most of which looks at least useable will soon be lost forever. Hope someone jumps in to the rescue or makes an offer that will allow to save them for posterity. 


I assume you have good reasons to have offered them this way and everyone is entitled to dispose of his possessions as he sees fit. I have sold several old computer items for a couple of bucks, packed them and posted them just because I could not bear the thought of them going to the dump. 

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I had no problems with the prices whatsoever and would have happily took at least two of the 1050’s off his hands. Just bad timing with it being this close to Christmas. And what he chooses to do with his property is his own business. 

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On 11/20/2023 at 12:05 AM, pixelmischief said:

I'm surprised there wasn't enough interest in these for even a single PM.  No offers.  No negotiations.  No nothing.  Ok...

I'm glad you found someone for the transaction.  I totally would have given you an offer since I was looking for the ATR8000 but coincidently I bought a ATR8000 on eBay the same time you listed.  I can attest it's hit and miss at times.  About 3 weeks ago I posted here and elsewhere offering a free working 800XL and 1050 drive and shipping was on me.  Granted, it was tied to a somewhat easy contest but I only had a handful of people interested and that was completely for free, lol.

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