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Arrived Friday 17th November, broken 18th. :(


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Thankfully no issues I can see with my 10-in-1, though there appears to be some artifacting on the Qotile shield in Yars, but frankly given I used to play on a 9” B&W TV that might have been true on the original. I would imagine the Atari Classics games have had some kind of visual tweaks.

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On 11/18/2023 at 10:10 PM, jeremiahjt said:

In my experience, Activision can have some of the most finicky carts, even with an original system.  I wonder if that is causing some of the the problems.  In an original system, you get the many various non-working screens, but maybe in the 2600+ you get a bad dump or something.

This is definetly true. I remember them sometimes being a pain on the Atari 2600 adapter for the Colecovision way back in the 80s.

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