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My Sega CD isn't working, is it supposed to look like this?


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Fueled by nostalgia, I bought a Sega CD. But it's not reading my CD. I'm looking at it and it looks a bit cheap. Is this really what it should look like? I haven't owned one since 1994.I can confirm the disc is not spinning.


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Not spinning
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So the reason I was getting the "No disk" error is that the spindle was up too low on the shaft rod and the CDs were rubbing against the lens assembly and bottom of the CD drive. I had to open up the system, then force the spindle up. Now, the way to do this without breaking the plastic is to hold a coin (I used a nickel) with your thumb onto the top of the spindle pin, and push the spindle up with two fingers. It requires force. Some Sega CDs have a metal circle around the center, others don't. Anyways, problem fixed. 

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