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Will the 2600+ be able to run games directly from memory like the NES/SNES Classics? and/or will Harmony carts ever work?


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I recently got an SNES classic and was able to add games to it directly to its internal memory. Will something like this possible with the 2600+?

Also will multi-carts ever be able to work with the 2600+?


I understand its early in the game but I was wondering if these are possibilities now that we have seen what's inside the 2600+ or is it just not possible?



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No to the first question but as I understand it Dragonfly multi-cart already works. 


Of course, if people go to the extent of modding it, then anything's possible. 


But if you just want something that plays roms you should get the gamestation pro or the vcs or another device instead. 


This is more specifically for people with old carts

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5 hours ago, Android8675 said:

Someone on Facebook reported some adjustments to get the harmony cart to work. It's limited to single banked games I think, so not completely compatible, but people are figuring it out.

Yeah. You can flash a rom onto the Harmony cart and it will work. You just can't use the menu and select roms.


So, you might as well use a Retron 77 for roms. Kind of annoying.


You mainly use the 2600+ to play carts.


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Or you could create a dialog menu that you can picks a mode that start up so Atari2600+ Mode or Atari Flashback 11 Mode(like I did on THEC64 and PCUAE, that has Atari Mode and can run the Atari 800 emulator so Atari800 XL, 5200), it uses the same hardware as the AF, just a new Rockchip so do not see why is GUI would not work with it and its emulator, the latest one AF11 this one, I just need to get it GUI and emulator off it.


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