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what if nintendo games (and/or sega games) NEVER appeared on atari systems among other ones,would all those systems would,ve sold waaay less then it did now???


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what if nintendo games (and/or sega games) NEVER appeared on atari systems,nor on colecovision,nor intelevision,nor atari 400,nor C64 etc,,,

then would all those systems would,ve sold waaay less then it eventually did now???

remember guys i absolutely NEVER knew for decades  that nintendo and sega games also did appear on other systems before the famicom and SG1000 systems appeared on the market,

A good example is this,

an interesting story goes around that says that atari not only cancled their completed version of mariobros game for the atari 400 because of due the game crash of 1983 and eventually also as a company being sold to jack tramiel,but also due to the fact that the atari 5200 didn’t sold well,so in order to remedy that,atari eventually decided to port that atari 400 version of mariobros to the atari 5200 and released that version instead in the hopes to sell more atari 5200 systems wich did make sense i suppose,and i also think they did made a good decission for doing that,otherwise the atari 5200 would,ve become completely obsolete and i believe the atari 5200 might,ve sold worse then it eventually did,now i don’t know if that story is true but if so that’s something pretty interesting,

that means that not only those gold striking nintendo (and sega) games could strike gold for both sega and nintendo their selfes for also for those other companies since it could,ve helped selling waaay more systems then it normally would,ve,

thing is that if sega and especially nintendo were already strictive about their ip’s before 1983 to be NOT on other platforms,then i guess those other systems wouldn’t have sold that much as they did now,right???


By the way,that’s also the reason why i for instance also did bought an atari 5200 just for both mariobros and popeye as well as for buck roggers aside from other games,the previous year,

and personally i do like the atari 5200 for what it is.

i also do own a atari 400 aswell among many other systems with especially nintendo and a few sega games for it because i was always a huge nintendo fan and it’s cool to posess those systems be part of my retro game collection stuff as well😁



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