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Pays to wait - $300 PS VR2 :D

Cobra Strike Down

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Got a PS VR2 today in mint condition for three bills. Came with earbuds and a controller charger which was nice. 

I primarily wanted it for GT7, but got some other games tonight and had quite a bit of fun. You have to make sure the headband is low enough on the back of your head or you start getting a headache and the vision isn’t as clear as it’s not angled properly. 

Can’t believe they broke back C Smash! Had to pick that up tonight. 

Check it out. Will film the mini golf game I got as well, soon. Can’t say I’d feel good paying $550 for this, but I feel it’s a great experience at this price point. 


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Yeah, the problem is the market isn't really strong yet. 


You can see what's possible with Resident Evil 4 VR and Resident Evil 8, but most companies have not put the effort in. 

Even previous gen standouts, like Battlezone, haven't been ported over. By the time companies get a real ecosystem going, the hardware will be out of date again. 


It's kind of a shame. Still, it's good as a workout tool atm

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