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(still) searching for Speedscript 3.0 and Practicalc on tape for Vic-20


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Hello, for a few months now, I have been searching, and still am searching, for the programs Speedscript 3.0 (without having to type it all in from its book!) and Practicalc or even Simplicalc to be on cassette for the VIC 20 I have with 16K RAM expansion. I am aware that using them would be near the minimum RAM requirement, but I wouldn't approach anywhere near 600 cells of use for my basic needs even.  I haven't been able to successfully convert the online WAV files for either program to tape, as all I've encountered is a plethora of load errors when I load back the tape. I did get what felt close a few times, but at this point I am just discouraged and disenchanted, and I just want to be done. Yes, I'm desperate. I have a 1541 drive I can use with my Vic 20, but I was hoping for copies of these 2 programs to be usable with my Datamaster or C2N in the ViC-20 set up.


So I'm wondering if anyone would be willing and able to get these 2 programs to either a 5.25 floppy or cassette and send to me?  I can send you the disk/s and/or tapes if you need. Either way I will be more than happy to reimburse you if you can get them to work. These 2 things are all that remain for me on my VIC-20 journey, and to say that I would like to put all this to bed now is one huge understatement; getting these 2 to work would make a great ending to the year.


If anyone can help, you will be helping my cause beyond words. Feel free to PM me! 



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