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Why apple || family systems are waaay more cooler then iphone 15 and it’s successors.


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I like my apple ||e waaay more then i will ever with a iphone 15 and it’s future generations,

why that’s because,


1, the apple ||e does have buttons and audio in & out,the iphone 15 and it’s previous generations since the iphone 7,don’t have a physical home button and they also do lack a headphone jack,

2, the wow factor from the iphone 15 is gone ever since the iphone 7,

previous iphones were getting better and better and more friendly but since the iphone 7,things getting backwards in handyness and getting more unfriendly,they now expect you to do more with less,no more physical home button,no headphone jack,apple is even trying to playing docter with you ever since by tracking down your health data etc,,

the apple ||e still does have it’s wow factor because of being huge and legendary,

3,the apple || does have freaking awesome games like pac man,mariobros,donkeykong,frogger and what not along with a proper controller,on the iphone you don’t have those games,and even so,who ever wants to play old games on it triugh a touch screen? Angry birds,candy crush will play fine that way and supermario run,sonic dash might play oke with a touchscreen,but pacman,streetfighter 2???

i don’t think so,

4,also if you lose your iphone,you will lose pretty much everything,your music,photos,videos,games ,your digital calculator your digital clock ,your digital agenda etc,,,you will pretty much have nothing,if you don’t know where you did left your apple || system,you only will lose your games or business stuff (sure it still could drive people insane off course).

5,the apple || and whether apple || system in the family is upgradible with expansion cards,those iphone systems you can’t upgrade oh no,apple expects you to buy a new iphone each year for little extra value for what they promise you,heck you can’t even replace the battery inside them,wich is ludicrous,why would i?

personally am still happy with my iphone 6,why? because it still does have a headphone jack and a proper home button,why all current iphones don’t have that these days and why theres a stupid notch screen on it???

Yes the iphone 4 was sluggish & slow with internet or doing multitasking and the iphone 5 really did improved on that but that’s it,

why would i ever still need more advanced hardware inside a smartphone if i still could just do fine all my stuff on it,it’s not that i wanna run an emulator or play 3D games on it aslong internet,youtube and other apps do still runs good on it,am fine with it,

6,the iphone has no sd card input,but with the apple || family computer systems,you can add a storage device to it  such as a tapedrive or diskdrive along with all your awesome game collections for it,you don’t have to worry about losing all stuff atonce unlike with icloud,if shit happens or you got no internet,you screwed because in such case you no longer will get access to your data,

8,with the iphone (or whether smartphone) you can get watched and tracked down everywhere all over the place,with an apple || computer nobody is knowing what you’re doing (unless you connected it a BBS service trough a coupler charger device and modem)


yeah i know i am a fanatical retro gamer,especially these days but i honestly just can’t help that i just hate these days with all the digital dictatorship stuff and what not these days,back in the 70’s,80’s and 90’s it wasn’t that extreme like these days,

and whether i will or cannot live without my iphone,i still found my apple ||e (whether working or not) waaay more valueble,it has a cultstate that can never be matched by any smartphone,it feels like owning something nobody else in my neightborhood does have, don’t need to have and probably never will,

and that’s why am proud possessing an apple ||e with those exciting games for it,it reminds me of a better the 80’s😁



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I like the great little sounds most games had because the default sound is a single click speaker.  Many of the sounds come from various loops in the games.  Others are generated by the CPU flogging the speaker.


That combination is compelling to me.


Rock on!  Glad you are enjoying your retro Apple.  

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I'm not quite sure I understand all your points :)


Yes, other 8-bit computer systems had better graphics and sound. But gaming on my apple ii "felt" better than any other gaming experience to me then or since, especially on keyboard games, and I don't think that's all nostalgia. I think the Apple II's super low latency made a real subconscious difference for game feel, and the higher latency when playing games on modern systems is one of the reasons modern games just don't feel quite right to many of us... 



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I think the Apple II line is more interesting than the iPhone in that the Apple II morphed from being a computer for enthusiasts and/or hobbyists to a machine that was much more mainstream and for regular, everyday computer users.  That is much different than what the iPhone has been over its time period as its function has remained relatively the same, though it (along with other smartphones) have gone beyond being just a phone / internet device / music player.

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The Apple II is just as useful today as it was 40 years ago, it still runs software written for it no problem.


All iPhones are dependent on Apple internet servers, which slowly over time become less and less useful. An original iPhone is practically unusable today for any task it once performed. The iPhone 15 will get there one day too.

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1 hour ago, roots.genoa said:

That being said, have fun carrying an Apple ][ around in your pocket!

Candy Apple on Android.  I play me some Orgeon Trail on that every so often :)  Sure, sure, not the same as, say, a TI CC-40 or similar device of the time.

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