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Mega7800 Question - 8bitdo NES mod kit

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I have purchased two Mega7800 units, one from SAG from the first batch along with my 7800GD, and another from the more recent-ish batch from the AtariAge store.  I was hoping to be able to use the 8bitdo MD dongle with the NES mod kit: https://shop.8bitdo.com/products/8bitdo-mod-kit-for-original-nes-controller-old-edition


The thing is, all the buttons seem to map to button 1?  I tried pairing it with all of its startup modes and I can't get any buttons to be the second Atari 7800 button.  Since the firmware cannot change I'm guessing I'm out of luck here, is that correct?

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I have used the 8bitdo MD receiver with PS4 and XB1 controllers and they work fine, in-fact I just double checked the XB1 pad now for sanity's sake, and it works well.


The NES controller just has the 4 buttons, so it depends on how it maps them to the MD pad. You'd have really thought START would map to START and A/B/SELECT would map to A/B/C in some way. I've checked the retro receiver manual for the MD and it doesn't mention the NES drop-in, maybe it doesn't support it?


Either way, if all buttons map to the left controller button (ie. A on the MD pad), there's nothing I could do to fix this as it's the 8bitdo receiver which is not reporting the buttons correctly rather than them not being interpreted correctly. Is the LED showing green correctly with the 8bitdo receiver plugged in?

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Finally got around to testing this again.  There was an option to remap the A/B and Y/X buttons on the gamepad but this is not resolve it.  The Start button brings up the menu, the A button acts as the right button, but B and select do nothing.  So we're stuck -- gamepad will not work.  I did happen to buy the NSO Genesis gamepad in the meantime which works perfectly so no biggie.


EDIT to be clear this is an 8bitdo problem, not a 7800GD problem.  There seems to be limited support of the mod kits with 8bitdo's own dongles.

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On 2/21/2024 at 6:07 PM, SainT said:

Have you tried pressing START + SELECT?


EDIT: I've just realised this post wasn't Mega7800 related. However, the question is still worth asking! :)



I invite you to read my current article on bluetooth on the 7800 in the 7800 forum.
The best solution on MEGA7800:
1) Make your ESP32 adapter for MEGA7800 with blueretro.
2) Buy a Rosetta or blueretro adapter (aliexpress) in GENESIS version.
Once connected to the MEGA7800, all bluetooth controllers are recognized by blueretro and all SEGA buttons (6) can be modified on the joystick (infinite number of modifications). The TOP for the 7800GD.


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