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Chasm Warden - a new game coming to the Lynx


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You're the warden and you're armed with BOMBS! Your job - protect the world from the evil beasts trying to escape from the Chasm! Luckily for you, the Chasm is surrounded by twisting and winding tunnels with tall walls. Throw bombs at the creatures to blow them up, line up multiple of the same creature in a row to blow them up together and get bonus points!




This is a game I'm working on for the LynxJam 2023 game jam. It's still work in progress but most of the mechanics are in place.




Some in-game screenshots...












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Great game.


So far I played only Hero mode and beated it with several 13 kill steaks. I was close to make a 14 but it's really hard.


image.png.550689329012ccaf63d90c8ecd427f27.png image.png.13608ef9f81c4e0a9619e483a4b386cc.png


I have two small gfx glitches to report:


1) as you can see in the above svreenshots in both the the two there are some purple lines on the right side, I suppose they are from the shaking and flashing lof the winning screen (that lines can't be noticed without taking a screenshot), but I suppose that the score screen misses a realignemnt of the syzy X offset.


2) sometime (not too often, but I noticed at least 4 times during the game) the bomb alignmet is not correct, it returns in the right position after moving up or down. Look at the screenshot




I suppose that when the bomb expoldes the screen shaking is achieved with the suzy screen offset and the bomb position is kept constant compensating the screen shift, but probably moving the bomb while the screen is still shaking make it stay off alignement.


A last hint,: the monster speed increase should be a little bit faster,, IMHO it's too easy to finish the game at the first try.



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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing every LYNX JAM 2023 ENTRY including Chasm Warden on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch! Hope you can join us!




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