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TI-99/4A Peripheral Expansion Box not working?


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6 minutes ago, HOME AUTOMATION said:

If you LOAD a cassette/disk, using TUNNElS of Doom...

Then, rather than setting-up a dungeon...


You should get the LOAD/SAVE screen again...

From here you can SAVE to an alternate media format.


...Works on ADVENTURE disks/tapes too!:cool:

Oh I see, so this is what I need to do. I need to use the Tunnels of Doom cartridge in the slot. Then connect the PEB and cassette deck. Turn on tunnels of doom, load the tunnels of doom tape/whatever tape I want to save to disk, then press, function 9 etc etc and that should save program on tape to the disk, therefore next time I want to play tunnels of doom, I can boot it from disk instead of tape. Is that correct?  

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1 hour ago, INTVCruise said:

Success!! Unfortunately my tunnels of doom tape seems to be bad. But ghost town sure worked. Saved a quick game and everything on disc. 


Are there any other cool tricks you can do on any other cartridges by any chance? 

Nevermind I was able to finally load tunnels of doom and copy it to disk woo 

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