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Looking to hire: Sega Scope on modern TN monitors


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I did some experiments that were very non-invasive and found that the Sega Master System polar filters are perpendicular to the typical polar filters found on a TN 1 millisecond monitor from Lenovo.


I would like to place my pre-existing camera, a stereoscopic Minoru camera which has to be 15 frames per second because when it's 30 frames per second it always misses the exposure of the appropriate eye (I think, but I may want to double check it.), and place the Sega scope in front of it however the Sega scope is 90° out of phase of what my monitor will accept because when the glasses are placed the normal way like normal eyewear, the polar filter of the TV combined with the polar filter of the glasses are perpendicular therefore canceling each other out therefore giving you zero picture on the screen, but you're able to capture the outside world relative to the screen.


I need each ocular on the glasses rotated 90°, but yet working as a pair so that the Left Right balance persists.


Don't be afraid to break the glasses further.  I'm starting with armless glasses mainly because they're cheaper to find and easier to apply velcro straps on which hold the camera filter (Sega Scope) in place.


I just need the glasses to go 90° their normal polarity in front of both eyes.  I understand you might have to mangle already mangled glasses to come up with a working solution.  That's ok.


If this works then we got one last thing to test which is ping time, if I can hook this up with any monitor despite the ping time then we have a universal 3D add-on kit which could finally be sold to video dealers to promote 3D video without having to buy a whole new TV just for 3D video.


Two things killed 3D in 2011.  One was the requirement to buy a whole new TV just a couple years after the digital changeover.  The other was the 3D Super Bowl that was promised but retracted because if the Super Bowl would have been in 3D it would have been 2D  incompatible at the time and literally lock fans out of the number one TV show consistently every year.


Just wondering if any hackers can hack a 90° filter to place in front of a pair of cameras.


And yes this would most likely be a physical hack.  Or I predict most easily done with a physical hack.


I will be willing to pay for the service and properly acknowledge you for doing the hired work I buy.


My next refill of money comes January 1st 2024 so you got a couple weeks to think about it and discuss this.


By the way if you want to see the progress of me figuring out how the Master System glasses work with modern TVs, as of 5:30 on December 9th 2023 there is one topic which explores how I found this out in a step-by-step process.  No one responded to it.  Mainly I left it there as my own notes to show what I've done before and what I could do next and if this were to succeed get into the mind as I was thinking it.

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The tldr paragraph above is I got a Sega scope working through a Master System and onto a TN one millisecond Lenovo monitor.


The secret is rotating the filters 90° (either way)  to penetrate whatever polarization is in the Sega Scope glasses.


I was wondering if someone could dissect an extra pair of Sega scope glasses so that the rotational  orientation is exactly 90⁰ off parallel.


I want some to "cleanly break" the glasses into 2 halves yet have the alternating polar filter work.  I don't know how to separate the eyes, rotate each eyeball 90⁰,  yet keep the flasher working.


Any help for hire who wants some credit and money for the labor?


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