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Pi Pico[W] Peripheral Expansion Box Side Port Device


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I figured out the crash issue with my compiled XB program. It turns out that I had the original version of TI XB (version 100) on my SD card.  I used the updated version (110) and the program runs without issue.

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14 hours ago, chue said:

- Bluetooth keyboard LEDs (CAPS lock, NUM lock) only working after the initial pairing. LEDs do not work on Subsequent connections.  Same behavior with and without additional USB keyboard connected.  If I delete the pairing and then pair again, same thing.  Works when initially paired but not on subsequent connections.

- I was unable to connect the keyboard using bluetooth 5 so I did not test the additional bluetooth libraries. This is probably just a problem with my particular keyboard.  Long story short, I am unable figure out the bluetooth MAC address without pairing it to my Windows laptop.  To pair it to the Pico I need to unpair the keyboard from Windows; at this point the keyboard randomizes (changes) the bluetooth MAC address.

That's annoying about the LEDs, I can't think why that would be.


With BT5, I don't think you need to pair HID devices, at least I don't have to with mine - so you could try pairing yours with Windows to get the address, power down Windows and try connecting with the Pico without pressing the pair button (just wake the keyboard the usual way).


It's a fairly good result in the tests though, thanks again for doing them :)

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I tried BT5 without pairing and could never get it to connect. As with the LEDs it isn’t a problem for me. BT3 works great so I will use that.


Thank you for all the work on this! The functionality that the Pico has is amazing!

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