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Are scans of these books available?


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Here's the Assemblerkurs II scan,


and just in case, here's the Assemblerkurs III scan.


It doesn't look like the Koppelmann book is online in either edition yet.


The IUC site has a lot of the books released in other languages on their site, so it is usually where I go first to check for book scans in other languages. I have the books for the most part, but scans are good to have too.

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30 minutes ago, dhe said:

Thanks, those are some definite "finds"!

I have both editions of the Koppelmann book. Both are pretty HTF, as he only printed 150 of the first revision and 47 of the second. I bought my second edition copy directly from him at one of the TI Treffs, and my copies of Assembler Kurs II and III directly from Hagera. The IUC also has a few other German books scanned in, along with a small number of German magazines.

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On 12/12/2023 at 12:01 PM, dhe said:


TMS 9900 Assembler auf dem TI-99/4A, 2nd Edition      


I have already scanned a lot of other books including this One.


I Just still have a bit of mess because the recent move ...Hope to have more free time soon so ti be able ti start again to publish the scanned stuff 

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