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Krisjohn's Mystery Cart giveaway 2


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It's been, what, 4 months since my last sans-label cart turned up in a collection. Now I have another.




Sunday evening, this Sunday evening, Perth time I'm going to start the game up. I'm going to play it once. You have to guess the game and the score or time I achieve.


You get one guess. If you edit your guess, you're out.


If you guess both a game and time/score someone else has already guessed, your guess doesn't count, guess again.


You have to get the game right to win.


If more than one person guesses the game correctly, the one with the closest score/time wins. In the case of a tie, the lower number wins (typically a worse score or a better time).


Some time after I've played the game I will post a message saying that the competition is over. At that time no more guesses count. I will then work out who won.


The prize is your choice of the mystery cart itself or one of my Atari 2600 dupes. A list will be PMed to the winner.


And here's a picture.


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Sunday evening, this Sunday evening, Perth time I'm going to start the game up.  I'm going to play it once.

I assume you will play the default game variation with both switches to B, right?

I will simply get a game going. Wherever the switches are at the time they stay.

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