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Platforming Code Examples


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I have been experimenting with different ways to do platforming for fun.  I had tried to make a relatively simple code that allowed for the player sprite to move smoothly, quickly, jump and drop, stop when jumping into a platform, and if approaching steps moves up or down with ease. I also tried to make it generous with clipping edges of a platform so that you don't immediately get stopped in your tracks if you jump and hit the playfield.


I came up with one for SuperChip and one for DPC+ that seem to satisfy my goals that would require minimal tweaking for the desired game.


Here is the snippet of SuperChip code:

 if joy0down then goto SKIP_LR_CHECK
 if joy0right && player0x<140 then p0x=p0x+0.5 :o{1}=0:k=k+1
 if joy0left && player0x>15 then p0x=p0x-0.5:o{1}=1:k=k+1
 if !collision(player0,playfield) then goto SKIP_COLLISION_CHECK
 if  e{0} then f=28
 ;if joy0fire && f>0 then p0y=p0y:goto SKIP_COLLISION_CHECK ; allows for jumping through floor 

 if  f<19 && f>0 then p0y=p0y+0.50:f=20

  if joy0fire  && !e{0} && e{1} && f<1 then  e{0}=1:f=1:k=41
  if !joy0fire && f=0  then  e{0}=0

 if f<>0  then f=f+1
 if f>0 && f<19 then p0y=p0y-1.0:AUDV0=3:AUDC0=6:AUDF0=player0y:gosub JUMP
 if f>25 && f<30 then p0y=p0y+1.0:AUDV0=3:AUDC0=6:AUDF0=player0y:gosub JUMP 
 if f>=30 then f=0:AUDV0=0:k=0:gosub RUN1
 if !e{0} && !e{1} && f=0 then p0y=p0y+1.25:AUDV0=0

 temp1 = (player0x-14)/4: temp2 = ((player0y)/4) 
 if pfread(temp1,temp2) then e{1}=1:AUDV0=0 :goto NO_FALL
 if player0y<1 then e{1}=1:e{0}=0:f=19:AUDV0=0 
 if player0y>80 then player0y=80


and here is the DPC+ code:

   temp1 = (player0x-13)/4
   temp2 = (player0y+player0height)/2 ; FLOOR CHECK 
   temp3 = (player0y+1)/2 ; CEILING CHECK 
   temp4 = (player0y+player0height-2)/2

 if joy0left then p0x=p0x-1.06 :k=k+1:REFP0=8; LEFT
 if joy0right then p0x=p0x+1.06 :k=k+1; right

 if joy0fire  && !e{0} && j<1 then  e{0}=1:j=1 :e{2}=1; JUMP 
 if !joy0fire && j=0 && var1=0  then  e{0}=0
 if j=0 then goto FALL
 if j<>0  then j=j+1:var1=var1+1
 if j>0 && j<10 then p0y=p0y-3.5:AUDV0=3:AUDC0=6:AUDF0=var1:e{1}=1:goto SKIP_FALL ; UP
 if j>25 && j<45 then p0y=p0y+2.0:AUDV0=3:AUDC0=6:AUDF0=var1:e{1}=0:goto SKIP_FALL ; DOWN
 if j>=47 then j=0:AUDV0=0
 if var1>15 then AUDV0=0
 if !pfread(temp1,temp2) then p0y=p0y+2.0:var1=var1+1:j=0:AUDV0=3:AUDC0=12:AUDF0=var1:goto AFTER_BUMP; FALL
 if pfread(temp1,temp2) then AUDV0=0:var1=0:e{2}=0
 if  !e{2} && pfread(temp1,temp4) then p0y=p0y-2.0 ; steps


 if collision(player0,playfield) then AUDC0=15:AUDF0=22:AUDV0=10
  if e{1} && pfread(temp1,temp3) then j=43; bump head 



I figure I will include the .bas files if anyone wants a look or to use/modify for their own projects. 


I would like to add additional examples, like a standard kernel or multisprite version just for fun. These were a nice project to play around with and learn

PLATFORM_2023_11_25_23_SC.bas SS2_2023_12_21.bas

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2 hours ago, Random Terrain said:

Have you tried any of these?



Yes! Thank you.  I started looking at how that platforming code worked but I was trying to get something a little different. That one works very well and is very smooth. I was attempting to use less variables (I haven’t compared them) and have more compact code so I can just plug it into any new project I start. 

Sometimes with other example programs I tend to get lost so this was an experiment to see if I can get something playable and new. 

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3 hours ago, Random Terrain said:

Speaking of code, that's old code from something like 12 years ago, so I should probably look at it and see if I can use fewer variables and improve it in other ways. Then put the fixed versions on the bB page.

I find your example programs very clean and organized and easy to understand.


When I first tried making a platformer I kind of cheated and just made the sprites move on certain planes. I was playing around with some other code either relying more on collision statements or on pfread statements. I thought these two versions worked nicely. 

I did have a hard time trying to get multi sprite platformer working. I thought that would be a nice challenge. I wanted to have a variety of options in the future. 


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I’ll have to add the code later (I forgot my tablet at home) but I modified the DPC+ code a little further to allow for platforming to exist on the top and then have an area on the bottom where you can walk around. I have a game idea I was exploring and thought having a combination of gameplay elements might be desired. 

This modification also goes to my goal of such a code. A simple platform code that can be altered relatively easily for any game idea. 

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