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New #HighScoreEnabled Games!


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I'll use this thread to announce new #HighScoreEnabled games.


Starting with Qix (the 5200 version!).


This one kneecapped me for a solid day, and nut punched me right at the end when I folded in the disk routines. 


You can see what I did here:



TNFS: apps.irata.online/Atari 8-bit/Games/High Score Enabled/Qix.atr

Web: http://scores.irata.online/qix.html






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Thanks for you work. As you remember I was unable to enter letter L (FIL) on BC's.


Congo Bongo, Defender, Missile Command: no problems.

Qix: the second time I entered high score instead of characters there were garbage but I was able to enter high score and start again.


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1.  Missile Command+ HS locked up on me.  Real 130XE.  On Wave 5 when counting cities it left one on the screen.  On the 3rd 6x wave near the end of the attack it locked up completely.  Not sure if others have run into this

2.  Frogger - the HS version is a less popular conversion.  The Cart version is smoother in play vs the Sierra Online.  Just my $0.02 :) 

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