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What size self-adhesive heat sinks?


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2 hours ago, Boschloo said:

I keep seeing people remove the RF shielding from their C64s and C128s and adding some kind of self-sticking heatsinks. Does anyone know what size they are and where I can buy them? Thanks!

Why?  Is there a cool factor to it, like blue LEDs in fans and shyte?

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16 minutes ago, Boschloo said:

Well there's the fact that I tinker too much with those machines and dealing with the RF shields gets old.

I dig it.  I guess I fall into that camp of chips not needing heat sinks.  I have never had a heat-related failure.  But, others argue the opposite.

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Some of the chips in these get really hot. The VIC chip in the VIC-20 is one that I always want to protect especially considering there is no modern replacement. First step is to get the lid off of that metal box! Take the lid off and put it away. And then heatsink the chip. I do that with all of the VIC-20 machines I come across. Is it extending its life? I don't know, but it makes me feel better for what its worth ;)


If you have a C64 and that "cardboard shield" you should toss that cardboard right away. There's absolutely nothing good about cardboard covering chips that generate heat. But Commodore also released C64 models with a nice metal shield that touched all of the chips. That one is good and you don't need heatsinks if you have that.


Nonetheless, I buy these heatsinks:




and I use this thermal tape to make them stick to the chips:




Hope that helps.

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