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Header connectors for sockets


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2 hours ago, RickyDean said:

Does anyone know the correct name for these header pins? I'm looking for these exact type to fit on teensy 4.0's and corresponding sockets. Standard headers will not fit the machine tooled sockets.



I have seen them called both SIL and SIP headers.


I buy them all the time.  To fit the Teensy 4.0 they are 2.54mm spaced (.100inch).  



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Their name depends on what manufacturer you are talking about, and they are the bane of my existence.  I've been researching PCB-to-socket pin options since 2011 when I needed such pins for the F18A.  Total PITA.


They are typically called "machine pin headers", but I also search for "pcb pins", "socket pins", and other such things.  And you are correct, the very popular square-pin headers are too fat and do not work with sockets, and are almost too big for breadboards as well.  Too bad they are so common, since they dominate most search results.


Mill-Max makes many variations of these and they have a nice visual product selector.  You are going to want a 0.018" to 0.020" diameter pin for the socket-side.  The diameter for the other side depends on the hole-size on the PCB you are working with, so make sure you have that dimension before you buy.




Generally available at Digikey and Mouser, but you will need to find the specific plating option that is typically carried for whatever series you are looking at (you will know, because all the other options will be out of stock).




Yes, they are in a SIP (single in-line package) configuration, but that term applies to a lot of things in electronics.  It is a packaging option only.  You will want to make sure any headers you get are 0.1" (2.54mm) spacing as well.

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This is what you are looking for.  As others note, SIP is just one use.


Single Row 40Pin 2.54mm Round Male Pin Header


eBay has lots of hits:  https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=Single+Row+40Pin+2.54mm+Round+Male+Pin+Header&_sacat=0&_odkw=sip+header&_osacat=0


If you're not OK with eBay (not sure your need), as Matt notes, Digikey has them as well (they are hard to search for there, but I usually find them after a few tries). 


FOr my projects, I typically need .6" DIP configurations, so I buy 24, 28, and 40 pin DIP versions of these from overseas sources in bulk (usually 1000 at a time).  Not as a plug, but this is what they look like:




I used to just buy for my own project use, but folks wanted them, so I sell them in singles now as well.  But, if you need a large qty, a bulk buy (or going halvsies with someone like me at cost) is a better bet.


The DIP style headers I prefer because they sit lower (lower profile), but stocking all the DIP sizes is not tenable, so the single row headers are good to have in the parts box for an arbitrary DIP 32, or DIP 16 thing I need.


I know the OP is not asking this, but if someone stumbles on this thread later, note that these will *NOT* work on the TMS9900, as I believe it's a 64 pin .9" pin spacing socket.  I can get those in DIP format if a big enough demand is there, but the min qty is 5000 units.

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